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Fluorescent Organelle Markers for Plant Cell Biology

When using these markers, please reference our Plant Journal paper:

B.K. Nelson, X. Cai, A. Nebenführ (2007)
A multi-color set of in vivo organelle markers for colocalization studies in Arabidopsis and other plants
Plant Journal 51:1126-1136. [abstract] [pdf, 800 kB]

Targeted Organelles:

  • ER
  • Golgi
  • tonoplast
  • plasma membrane
  • peroxisomes
  • mitochondria
  • plastids

Available Constructs:

  • fluorescent proteins: GFP, CFP, YFP, mCherry
  • promoters: d35S
  • binary plasmids: pBIN (kanamycin resistance), pFGC (glufosinate resistance)
  • all plasmids are available through the Arabidopsis stock centers
  • Search TAIR for all binary plasmid constructs

Available Plant Lines:

  • Arabidopsis thaliana (kanamycin selection) [only CFP,GFP,YFP; not plasma membrane]
  • all lines are available through the Arabidopsis stock centers
  • Search TAIR for all plant lines

Naming Scheme:

  • <organelle> hyphen <color> <selection>
  • organelles are ER, G (Golgi), VAC (tonoplast), PM, PX (peroxisomes), MT (mitochondria), PT (plastids)
  • colors are C (cyan = CFP), G (green = GFP), Y (yellow-green = YFP), R (red = mCherry)
  • selection is either K (kanamycin), or B (basta = glufosinate)
  • examples:
    • px-rb is the red peroxisome marker for basta (= glufosinate) selection
    • vac-ck is the cyan tonoplast marker for kanamycin selection
    • etc.

Plasmid Info:

  • maps of the base plasmids can be found here for pBIN20 and pFGC19.
  • maps and sequences of the individual organelle marker plasmids are linked in the following table.
    • for a map click on the plasmid name
    • for the full sequence in Genbank format click on "seq"
    • to download the files "option-click" (on the Mac) or right-click (on the PC)
    • some of the files are still under construction; thanks for your patience
    • if you encounter problems (missing links, broken files) please contact us
kanamycin selection (pBIN) basta selection (pFGC)
cyan green yellow red cyan green yellow red
ER-ck seq ER-gk seq ER-yk seq ER-rk seq ER-cb seq ER-gb seq ER-yb seq ER-rb seq
G-ck seq G-gk seq G-yk seq G-rk seq G-cb seq G-gb seq G-yb seq G-rb seq
vac-ck seq vac-gk seq vac-yk seq vac-rk seq vac-cb seq vac-gb seq vac-yb seq vac-rb seq
plasma membrane
pm-ck seq pm-gk seq pm-yk seq pm-rk seq pm-cb seq pm-gb seq pm-yb seq pm-rb seq
px-ck seq px-gk seq px-yk seq px-rk seq px-cb seq px-gb seq px-yb seq px-rb seq
mt-ck seq mt-gk seq mt-yk seq mt-rk seq mt-cb seq mt-gb seq mt-yb seq mt-rb seq
pt-ck seq pt-gk seq pt-yk seq pt-rk seq pt-cb seq pt-gb seq pt-yb seq pt-rb seq

Fluorescent Protein Info:

  • Excitation spectra
  • Emission spectra
  • All FPs have significant spectral overlap with other FPs!
  • Make sure you use appropriate filter sets and run controls to check for cross talk.
  • "Safe" combinations for co-localization are usually CFP & YFP or GFP & mCherry.
  • More information on a wide variety of fluorescent proteins can be found at the Thorn lab and at the Nonet lab.

Please note that ER-g and px-g markers use mGFP5 from Jim Haseloff whereas the other green markers use sGFP (S65T).

For questions about the organelle marker set, please contact Dr. Andreas Nebenführ by email (nebenfuehr<at>utk<dot>edu).

Other Constructs

We also have created a series of fluorescent expression vectors for translational fusions. They are not included in the organelle marker set, but are described here.

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