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Lab Members:


current inmates:

job title project(s) email
Andreas Andreas Nebenführ visionary coffee nebenfuehr web
Stephanie Madison graduate student pollen myosin smadiso2
Jennifer Ryan graduate student myosin mutants jryan6
Thomas Payne graduate student myosin mutant tpayne13
Anna Vick graduate student myosin anchors jvick5
Matt Buchanan undergrad pollen growth
Binal Patel undergrad protein interactions
Luke Wedekind undergrad root hair growth
Lauren Swientoniewski undergrad miRNA
Tanner Beard undergrad pollen myosin
snowy Snowy mascot staying cool


former lab members:

current job
Xue Cai postoc senior scientist
Crystal McAlvin postdoc instructor
Jian-Feng Li postdoc senior postdoc
Krzysztof Bobik postdoc postdoc
Eunsook Park grad student postdoc
Brook Nelson grad student instructor
Star Loar technician lab manager

Mailing Address:

University of Tennessee
Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Walters Life Sciences M407
1414 Cumberland Ave
Knoxville, TN 37996-0840

Phone + Fax:

865-974-9201 (the boss)

865-974-4927 (everybody else)

865-974-6306 (fax)

The country code of the United States is "1".


How to find us in Knoxville:

We can be found found right next to the giant salad bowl:

The Eyesore

If this was too cryptic, the University of Tennessee maintains an excellent map page that allows you to find the Hesler Biology building on campus. To facilitate orientation, we are on Circle Drive, just North of the stadium and a bit East of the University Center.

The lab is on the 2nd floor right across from the stairs (room 218). Big thoughts usually emerge from room 240.


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