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Our work centers around intracellular transport and its role in maintaining cellular architecture and physiology. Examples of such transport include vesicular transport in the secretory system, and the myosin-driven movement of organelles along actin filaments.

We are using molecular and cell biological approaches to gain a mechanistic understanding of these transport processes. The tools used in the lab range from bioinformatics (analysis of gene families in the genome) and standard molecular techniques (PCR, gene cloning, expression of fusion proteins), to light microscopy (live-cell observations, GFP technology, immunofluorescence) and electron microscopy (cell ultra-structure, immuno-localization of endogenous and introduced proteins). The links on the left provide more information.

Research Opportunitites

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See what research is really like - and get credit for it! (BCMB 452)

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Opportunities for Ph.D. theses are always available.

Contact Dr. Nebenführ by email [nebenfuehr(at)] to learn more about doing research in our lab.

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