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Nebenführ A,Dixit R (2018)
Kinesins and myosins: Molecular motors that coordinate cellular functions in plants
Annual Review of Plant Biology (in press)

Ryan JM, Nebenführ (2018)
Update on Myosin Motors: Molecular mechanisms and physiological functions
Plant Physiology 176: 119-127.

Aufrecht JA, Ryan JM, Hasim S, Allison DP, Nebenführ A, Doktycz MJ, Retterer ST (2017)
Imaging the Root Hair Morphology of Arabidopsis Seedlings in a Two-layer Microfluidic Platform
Journal of Visualized Experiments 126: e55971.

Sgouralis I, Nebenführ A, Maroulas V (2017)
A Bayesian topological framework for the identification and reconstruction of subcellular motion.
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 10: 871-899.

Nebenführ A (2017)
How to Grow a Cell: Fine-Tuning Secretory Activity to Balance Growth and Cell Wall Integrity
Plant Physiology 174: 3-4.

Madison SL, Buchanan ML, Glass J, McClain T, Beard T, Park E, Nebenführ A (2015)
Class XI Myosins Move Specific Organelles in Pollen Tubes and are Required for Normal Fertility and Pollen Tube Growth in Arabidopsis
Plant Physiology 169: 1946-1960.

Geitmann A, Nebenführ A (2015)
Navigating the plant cell: Intracellular transport logistics in the green kingdom
Molecular Biology of the Cell 26: 3373-3378.

Maroulas V, Nebenführ A (2015)
Tracking rapid intracellular movements: a Bayesian random set approach
Annals of Applied Statistics 9: 926-949.

Nebenführ, A (2014)
Targeting of Polytopic Proteins to the Plasma Membrane
Plant Physiology 166: 3-4.

Nebenführ A (2014)
Identifying subcellular protein localization with fluorescent protein fusions after transient expression in onion epidermal cells
in: Plant Cell Morphogenesis: Methods and Protocols. (Eds. Viktor Žárský, Fatima Cvrčková),
Methods in Molecular Biology 1080: 77-85.

S.L. Madison, A. Nebenführ (2013)
Understanding myosin functions in plants: are we there yet?
Current Opinion in Plant Biology 16:710-717. [abstract] [pdf, 830 kB]

E. Park, A. Nebenführ (2013)
Myosin XIK of Arabidopsis thaliana Accumulates at the Root Hair Tip and Is Required for Fast Root Hair Growth
PLOS ONE 8:e76745. [abstract] [pdf, 3.5 MB]

A. Nebenführ (2013)
Identifying subcellular protein localization with fluorescent protein fusions after transient expression in onion epidermal cells
in: Plant Cell Morphogenesis (Ed. V. Žárský and F. Cvrčková)
Methods in Molecular Biology
1080:77-85. [abstract] [preprint, 183 kB]

J.K. Vick, A. Nebenführ (2012)
Putting on the Breaks: Regulating Organelle Movements in Plant Cells
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 54:868-874. [abstract] [pdf, 200 kB]

S.L. Madison, A. Nebenführ (2011)
Live-Cell Imaging of Dual-Labeled Golgi Stacks in Tobacco BY-2 Cells Reveals Similar Behaviors for Different Cisternae during Movement and Brefeldin A Treatment
Molecular Plant 4:896-908. [abstract] [pdf, 1.7 MB]

E. Park, A. Nebenführ (2011)
Cytoskeleton and Root Hair Growth
in: The Plant Cytoskeleton (Ed. B. Liu)
Advances in Plant Biology
2:259-275. [abstract] [preprint, 2 MB]

J.-F. Li, A. Nebenführ (2010)
FAST Technique for Agrobacterium-Mediated Transient Gene Expression in Seedlings of Arabidopsis and Other Plant Species
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols doi:10.1101/pdb.prot5428 [this is an online protocol with streamlined instructions]

J.-F. Li, E. Park, A.G. von Arnim, A. Nebenführ (2009)
The FAST technique: a simplified Agrobacterium-based transformation method for transient gene expression analysis in seedlings of Arabidopsis and other plant species
Plant Methods 5:6. [abstract] [pdf, 5.2 MB]

J.-F. Li, A. Nebenführ (2008)
Inter-dependence of dimerization and organelle binding in myosin XI
The Plant Journal 55:478-490. [abstract] [pdf, 512 kB]

J.-F. Li, A. Nebenführ (2008)
The tail that wags the dog: The globular tail domain defines the function of myosin V/XI
Traffic 9:290-298. [abstract] [pdf, 290 kB]

A. Nebenführ (2007)
Organelle dynamics during cell division
in: Cell division control in plants (Eds. DPS Verma and Z. Hong)
Plant Cell Monographs 9:195-206. [abstract] [pdf, 220 kB]

B.K. Nelson, X. Cai, A. Nebenführ (2007)
A multi-color set of in vivo organelle markers for colocalization studies in Arabidopsis and other plants
Plant Journal 51:1126-1136. [abstract] [pdf, 800 kB]
J.-F. Li, A. Nebenführ (2007)
Organelle targeting of myosin XI is mediated by two globular tail subdomains with separate cargo binding sites
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282:20593-20602. [abstract] [pdf, 770 kB]
C. Saint-Jore-Dupas, A. Nebenführ, A. Boulaflous, M.-L. Follet-Gueye, C. Plasson, C. Hawes, A. Driouich, L. Faye, V. Gomord (2006)
Plant N-glycan processing enzymes employ different targeting mechanisms for their spatial arrangement along the secretory pathway
Plant Cell 18:3182-3200. [abstract] [pdf, 2.5 MB]
C. Subramanian, J. Woo, X. Cai, X. Xu, S. Servick, C.H. Johnson, A. Nebenführ, A.G. von Arnim (2006)
A suite of tools and application notes for in vivo protein interaction assays using bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET)
Plant Journal 48:138-152. [abstract] [pdf, 1.1 MB]
A. Hoffmann, A.Nebenführ (2004)
Dynamic rearrangements of transvacuolar strands in BY-2 cells imply a role of myosin in remodeling the plant actin cytoskeleton
Protoplasma 224:201-210. [abstract] [pdf, 250kB]
A. Nebenführ (2003)
Intra-Golgi transport: escalator or bucket brigade?
in: The Golgi apparatus and the plant secretory pathway (Ed. David G. Robinson)
Annual Plant Reviews 9:76-89. [preprint, 340 kB]
A. Nebenführ (2002)
Vesicle traffic in the endomembrane system: a tale of COPs, Rabs and SNAREs
Current Opinion in Plant Biology 5:507-512. [abstract] [pdf, 500kB]
A. Nebenführ, C. Ritzenthaler, D.G. Robinson (2002)
Brefeldin A: Deciphering an enigmatic inhibitor of secretion
Plant Physiology 130:1102-1108. [abstract] [pdf, 1.6 MB]
C.Ritzenthaler*, A. Nebenführ*, A. Movafeghi*, C. Stussi-Garaud, L. Behnia, P. Pimpl, L.A. Staehelin, and D.G. Robinson (2002)
Reevaluation of the effects of brefeldin A on plant cells using tobacco BY-2 cells expressing Golgi-targeted GFP and COP I antisera.
Plant Cell 14:237-261. [abstract] [pdf, 1.6 MB]
(* co-first authors)
A. Nebenführ, L.A. Staehelin (2001)
Mobile factories: Golgi dynamics in plant cells.
Trends in Plant Science 6:160-167. [abstract] [pdf, 130 kB]
A. Nebenführ, J.A. Frohlick, L.A. Staehelin (2000)
Redistribution of Golgi stacks and other organelles during mitosis and cytokinesis in plant cells.
Plant Physiology 124:135-151. [abstract] [pdf, 1.1 MB]
A. Nebenführ, L. Gallagher, T.G. Dunahay, J.A. Frohlick, A.M. Mazurkiewicz, J.B. Meehl, L.A. Staehelin (1999)
Stop-and-go movements of plant Golgi stacks are mediated by the acto-myosin system.
Plant Physiology 121:1127-1141. [abstract] [pdf, 1.5 MB]

Here are also some older papers that do not relate to our current work.

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