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Plant Fluorescent Expression Vectors

We have created a series of plant expression vectors that allow translational fusion to a variety of fluorescent proteins (FPs).

Common Features:

  • strong d35S promoter (dual enhancer elements)
  • poly-A signal from nopaline synthase (nos 3')
  • N-terminal fusion to FP possible
  • C-terminal fusion to FP possible
  • identical restriction sites present for all colors:
    • d35S—SpeI–BspEI–NheI–XbaI–AatII–XmaI–BamHI—FP—BsrGI–BglII—STOP—NotI–PstI—nos3'
  • pBS-based plasmids (ampicillin selection)
  • great for construct assembly and/or transient expression
  • sequences are available in GenBank format [gb] or for printing [pdf]
  • restriction maps can also be downloaded [map] as PDFs

Available Colors:

color name gb pdf map reference
Cerulean pAN578 seq print map Rizzo et al.
CFP pAN579 seq print map
GFP pAN580 seq print map (S65T version)
YFP pAN581 seq print map
tdTomato pAN582 seq print map Shaner et al.
mCherry pAN583 seq print map Shaner et al.

Excitation and emission spectra of the proteins can be found in these PDF files (graphs generated with data from the Tsien lab). Cerulean has the same spectrum as CFP. Please compare these spectra with the filter sets available to you before ordering something that doesn't work on your scope. If you're planning to do dual labeling, be aware that there is significant spectral overlap between the different FPs. Depending on your filter set (and relative expression levels) CFP/Cerulean + YFP or GFP + mCherry are usually safe combinations. As always, it is best to run a series of controls to check for cross-talk between the channels.

All plasmids have been created by Kevin Allen, except for pAN581, which was made by Dr. Xue Cai.

Plasmids are available upon request from: nebenfuehr AT utk DOT edu.

More information on a wide variety of fluorescent proteins can be found at the Thorn lab and at the Nonet lab.

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